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Zeus has often been classified as one of the weaker gods in Age of Mythology, but by utilizing some of his special bonuses he can become incredibly powerful, and extremely tough to tangle with for a player on the opposite side. Against Norse: You will not want to advance any later than on a land map and on a water map.

The best time to advance is when you can afford it, depending on who your opponent is and what your resources are like.

Against Egypt: Really depends what you feel like doing, fast attack, average approach or a slow classical boom.

I have been experimenting and this usually gives me the maximum villager count: Of your first 3 villagers, send one to build a dock, the other two to the nearest forest.

Next 6-7 villagers go to food and the dock builder goes to wood when finished.

Now just keep adding villagers to wood and food according to what you need.

Using Bolt: Bolt is great for stopping the enemy get their dock up in archaic, or bolting hero’s that attack your myth units, or bolting your opponents strong units. The graphical images and content enclosed with this document are viewable for private use only.

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